Thursday, August 27, 2009

The True Sovereign Holds Scepter and Orb

The operative word here is AND. The true sovereign holds scepter AND orb.

These words come from another ritual by Lady Olivia pertaining to Sovereignty,

Realm of the Planet Jupiter: The Sword in the Stone

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Thetis is neglected somewhat here.

She was powerful enough to help Zeus, fight Giants, etc. Her son Achilles was a sort of god-son to Hera, too.

Thetis, Tethys (nurse of Hera), Tiamat, Amphitrite, Neith, Thalassa (sea personified),
and maybe a couple of others.

Thetis means "Creator" or "Creatrix" - a clue to Her long forgotten role as a mighty goddess.

Hera: Mother Teleia

Here is most of an article from a book called Virgin, Mother, Crone, by Donna Wilshire, ©1993.

The chapter is called Mother Consciousness: Hera as mature woman is Mother Teleia.

It is a good articl, which links Hera, Juno, Uni, and Tanit as Queens and mothers.

Juno: Goddess of Sacred Bonds

There are good photos on this page featuring Juno, Protective Roman Goddess.

Juno from the Roman Myth Index.

An interesting component mentioned in many of the research materials about Juno is that she is the goddess of binding... and knots are part of her magical works. "Bride" is related to "bridle" or binding, even as it is related to "bread" and "bridge", depending on the etymology one follows. Juno is goddess of Bonds and the "tie that binds", whether matrimonial, maternal, familial, etc.
She is a goddess of the Sacred Oath, and all female individual souls.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Juno Art

These Juno Images are by artist Laurel Smith, whose work will be on display during the Goddess Festival at Life Force Arts Center. Here is a slideshow of the Juno Gallery.

Laurel also does Mystical Light Portraits.

Laurel will introduce us to her art and the inspiration behind it at the Goddess Festival Talking Circle.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

About Soul Mates

in this liturgy, we explore, through Hera, various relationships: marriage between Hera and Zeus; the resonance between Hera and Thetis; the mythology of Hera, her son Hephaistos, and The Throne; and the sacred marriage portrayed in Arcanum XIV, Temperance.

The Llewellyn Journal carries a good article to helo us work through these complexities , Soul Mates: the Light and Dark Of It.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Power of Thetis

Thetis is the queen in the mystery play this year, while Juno/Hera is thepresident.

There is much available material on Juno/Hera/Uni et al.,but this book, The Power of Thetis, is one of the few in literary history/criticism that addresses the sea goddess Thetis. It is used in universities across the world, and is accessible to everyone - even if you don't read Greek or Latin, it is all laid out for you.

Thetis was a powerful adviser to the gods, especially Zeus.